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Barracuda Pool Cleaner

The zodiac Barracuda g3 automatic inground suction side swimming pool cleaner is a splendid tool for folks who covet to keep their pool clean and shine, this pool cleaner is equipped with an automatic suction side sweeper that can clean grass, clarity, and all other debris that may be accumulated on the swimmer's area. Additionally, the Barracuda g3 automatic inground suction side swimming pool cleaner can clean pool topsoil, designing and managing pool dreams, and more.

Flow Control Valve - Swimming Pool Suction Cleaners Barracuda

Pool Cleaner Flow Control Valve



Retaining Ring
2 Set Standard Diaphragm Ring For Zodiac Barracuda G3 G4 Long Life Pool Cleaner

Barracuda Pool Cleaners

The zodiac Barracuda pool cleaners are high-quality pool cleaner set-up, they use a water version of the cleaner factory tune up kit. This is a top-notch set-up for individuals who have a pool that needs to be clean regularly, the pool cleaner itself is a high-quality product that is sure to do the job it was designed for. Plus, the zodiac Barracuda pool cleaners come with an excellent factory tune up kit, this is a short description about peerless fit for the zodiac Barracuda pool cleaner long life diaphragm. The fit is how much the diaphragm fits within the pool cleaner body, this is a beneficial cleaner for suitors with thick, congregating pools. This is a first-rate set for keeping your pool clean and hunting perfect, it features two cassettes in order to keep your pool clean and scouring its best. The retainers will keep the rings clean and free from debris, this set is excellent for any pool cleaning needs. The zodiac pool cleaner uses a new long life diaphragm that is excellent for long lasting protection, the g4 model also features a ring for straightforward access to the emerald green fluid.